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Social Networking and Personal Injury

It may have never crossed your mind, but your actions on Facebook, and other social media sites, may hinder your personal injury case. With the popularity in social media, it is becoming more common for insurance companies and defense lawyers to find information online; and information found can be used to diminish or destroy your personal injury case.

If you become injured, don't wait to seek advice

If you become injured, seeking treatment for injuries sustained becomes your first priority. Seeing advice from an attorney should be no less of a priority. Don't ponder the decision to reach out to us at the Beattie Law Firm - we offer free consultations if you have any questions or concerns on pursuing a case.

GM recalls more than 25 million cars

gm-logo.jpgGeneral Motors has recalled more than 25 million cars, dating back to 1997, but also nearly a dozen 2014 models, due to the key and ignition switch problems. GM has acknowledged 16 deaths due to the issues with the car; and has evaluated compensation to families of the injured and deceased for pain and suffering, lost future earnings and surviving dependents. They have set no cap to the compensation. 

What damages can I recover after an accident?

When a person is involved in an auto accident, it can be overwhelming for all parties involved. Clients who come to the Beattie Law Firm for advice, often wonder what damages can be recovered. There are several categories according to Iowa law, which we've outlined below:

Car strikes bicycle, killing one and injuring second

According to a report from the Iowa State Patrol, a car struck a bicycle on Friday, six miles west of Manson on Highway 7. The car hit the rear tire of the bicycle, throwing the rider into another cyclist. The first biker was killed, and the second was transported to a medical facility for treatment of minor injuries. The crash is currently under further investigation.

Memorial Day Safety

It's hard to believe that Memorial Day will soon be approaching. Though it's an official day of remembrance, for many, it's a celebration of warmer weather and summer activities. We at the Beattie Law Firm care about your safety and want you to remember these tips.


In the event you become injured from an auto collision, there is no assurance your hospital expenses will be secured by that driver's auto insurance agency; or, on the off chance that you are paid, that you will be fairly compensated.


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