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Check safety equipment around your home this spring cleaning season

It's spring cleaning season. While it's great to clean, get rid of unnecessary items and de-clutter your home, it's also a great time to check that your safety plans are in place and that your equipment is in working order.

Ferry accident leaves nearly 300 people missing

Another tragedy has happened across the world. A ferry carrying 459 people - of mostly high school students - sank off South Korea's southern coast on Wednesday, leaving nearly 300 people missing despite hours-long rescue. At least four people were confirmed dead and 55 injured.

Van's dash cam captures auto accident with cement truck

Tuesday, a Texas A&M professor, Guan Zhu managed to capture video of a cement truck as it ran a red light and veered across traffic. The truck turned over to one side and came careening in Zhu's direction. The video stops right before the cement truck hits Zhu's vehicle.

Historic Downtown Des Moines building burns down

Early Saturday morning, the historic Younkers building in downtown Des Moines erupted into a fiery blaze for more than 4.5 hours, damaging the entire structure of the building. The 115-year-old building was a historic landmark for many Iowans and is said to not be salvageable.

Train derailment in Chicago

Early Monday morning, a train jumped the barrier at the Chicago O'Hare International Airport. The Blue Line train slammed into the platform and the escalators, injuring about 30 people.

Trooper Escapes Near Disaster with Minor Injuries

This near disaster, caught on film by a Johnson County Sheriff's squad car camera, is a reminder on why drivers need to slow down when approaching accident scenes. 

Natural gas explosion causes collapse

A terrible tragedy this week in New York. Two East Harlem apartment buildings collapsed after a large explosion this past Wednesday. The massive explosion and fire leveled two five-story apartment buildings, killing 7 people and injuring at least 63 people. Nine more people remain missing.


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